Writing Center and Online Writing Assistance Progr

The LRC’s Writing Center (WC) & Online Writing Assistance Program (WAP) strives to assist students within all stages of the composing process. The duties of the Writing Center’s writing consultants are to: assist with writing assignment comprehension, discover relevant topics, enhance and expand ideas, integrate counter-arguments, assist with citing references, editing, and proofreading of student papers. The WC works with faculty to ensure that there is a clear understanding of all writing assignments. The WC welcomes faculty to encourage students to seek out the services provided by the WC.

All students should be aware that WC writing consultants will NOT write a student’s paper for them. However, we will do our very best to ensure that students are comfortable and capable of completing their own writing assignments. Writing consults will make suggestions to improve student papers, but it is up to the student to decide whether or not to implement those suggestions.

Students may make an appointment with the Assistant Director of the LRC for one-on-one assistance with any written assignment assigned by a UAV faculty member. Students may also choose to use the Online Writing Assistance Program to submit their papers for feedback.

An in-person meeting is greatly encouraged for students who need assistance with grammar correction.

Online Writing Assistance Program
The Online Writing Assistance Program allows students to submit their essays, research papers, and other written assignments online. A writing consultant will review up to five pages of the written assignment and offer valuable feedback to help strengthen the quality and content of the student’s paper. Depending on the amount of papers writing consultants receive, it may take up to 3 to 5 business days for you to receive a return paper with the writing consultant’s suggestions.

Students may also find additional resources on writing, grammar, and plagiarism located on the sidebar of this webpage. If you have questions on any of these topics, please contact the Librarian for assistance at Stephanie Santiful.