Student Services

UAV Student Services

University of Antelope Valley instructors are highly-trained and experienced professionals dedicated to delivering practical and academic knowledge.

Student Housing & Distance Learning

For more info call (661) 726-1911.

Personal Property

Please report all damaged, lost, or stolen property to the security department.

UAV Tutoring

Students who need extra assistance because of academic difficulties may arrange for tutoring through their instructor, department head, or Director of Education.

Guidance Services

Students may often experience educational, personal, or financial problems during their enrollment. The university staff and faculty welcome the opportunity to assist students in working out solutions to these problems. The university offers academic advising to students as necessary to assist them in meeting their educational goals. Students requiring other types of professional assistance will be referred to counselors or agencies whom they may contact.

Student Health Services

The university does not provide health services for students. In the event of a student medical emergency, a staff member will dial 911 for medical services. Students requiring non-emergency medical care will be given information about medical services or agencies that they may contact. Any costs incurred for medical services will be the student's responsibility.

Personal Appearance

Students are required to dress in an appropriate manner while on campus and at the assigned externship location. The students should show concern for the appropriateness of dress while attending the university and be guided by the principle that what is proper for the work place is proper for university.

Professional appearance is as important as the development of professional skills. All students are expected to arrive for class in attire that is prescribed by the university. Students are expected to practice good personal hygiene habits and maintain a clean, neat, and professional appearance at all times. Students failing to meet the dress requirements will not be admitted to class.
Administration and faculty are responsible for enforcing the dress code. Inappropriately dressed students will be sent home.