Nursing (RN to BSN)

Credential Earned:  Bachelors Degree

Program Description

The Bachelor in Nursing program expands the knowledge of licensed nurses to enable them to become successful leaders, managers, and deliverers of care to patients in health care environments.

This program is for current Registered Nurses.  The purpose of the advanced standing program is to give formal educational credit for knowledge and/or ability gained through previous training or experience. To receive Advanced Placement in the program, students must have completed a Nursing program at the AOS, AAS, or AS level and have earned the RN credential, which is in good standing.  Through the advanced placement program students are awarded 45 core credits. Students may also transfer up to 36 general education credits earned at a regionally or nationally accredited institution.

Instruction takes place on campus in classrooms and computer laboratory.  Lecture, discussion, research, case studies, collaborative learning activities, writing assignments, oral presentations, and demonstrations are utilized as part of the instructional design of the program. 


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