Center for Research Excellence



The Center for Research Excellence (CRE) works to continuously improve the quality of research conducted by University of Antelope Valley (UAV) faculty, staff, students and alumni and to share research findings with colleagues and professionals in the field. Under the direction of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) we:

• Provide seminars and mentoring for faculty, staff, students and alumni to enhance research effectiveness
• Develop linkages with professionals and business leaders that will lead workshops based on research relevant to UAV
• Facilitate involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in the research process
• Provide faculty research seminars at the departmental level, faculty mentoring and support systems to enhance research effectiveness
• Provide University-wide workshops to facilitate externally funded projects
• Enhance the visibility of our research and publication to the professional community
• Enhance the accessibility of UAV Research outputs to academic community through the online journal
• Encourage applied research focusing on problems relevant to complementary and alternative medicine, health and wellness, education and other relevant areas of scholarship and industry
• Provide a vehicle to formally recognize, encourage and reward outstanding research by UAV constituents
• Facilitate the knowledge and involvement of students in the research process.
• Provide a linkage to UAV alumni that focuses on relevant research specific to the profession we represent and consolidate into a publication for potential students
• Coordinate and promote other UAV initiatives in research excellence