Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence


The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) works toward strengthening and enhancing the teaching and learning skills for all University of Antelope Valley (UAV) faculty. The primary goal of the CTLE is to offer and provide diverse opportunities for faculty to achieve their desired level of teaching while sharing their knowledge and expertise with their UAV colleagues. Under the direction of the Learning Resource Center (LRC), the CTLE will:

• Offer monthly faculty development sessions that focus on diverse topics of teaching and learning
• Encourage the use of emerging technologies by offering guidelines for new, effective teaching practices
• Seek to equip faculty with necessary resources to excel in all classroom environments
• Offer funds to support and assist faculty with enhancing their teaching skills, developing web-based courses, promoting information literacy, and/or assisting first year faculty members
• Provide and encourage a mentorship between veteran and new faculty members
• Provide workshops that demonstrate best teaching practices and blended learning initiatives
• Provide seminars and mentoring services for faculty to enhance their teaching and learning skills and techniques
• Provide reference materials for faculty that support current CLOs
• Offer a variety online workshops and webinars, which will then be archived for ease of access
• Collaborate with the Center for Research Excellence (CRE) and the Faculty Development Committee (FDC) to identify overall teaching areas that need strengthening and to provide resources for growth and support of those areas
• Formally recognize, encourage, and reward faculty members who continuously strive to reach their academic and teaching goals
• Coordinate and promote other UAV initiatives in teaching and learning excellence
• Promote, offer, train, and encourage the use of various multimedia technologies in regards to teaching