Learning Resource Center Advisory Committee


The primary function of the Learning Resources Center Advisory committee (LRC-AC) shall be to advise the Assistant Director for the LRC and the Dean of Academic Affairs on trends, resources, programs and policies for the LRC and the community it serves. The committee shall also serve as a channel of communication between the LRC, its users, and the university by assisting in the explanation of the need of each group to the other and the interpretation of policy decisions. In order for the LRC to provide the best possible service to its users, the committee shall assist in obtaining fiscal and other support by apprizing the Dean of Academic Affairs and other appropriate personnel, both within and outside the university, of the center's needs.

Committee Composition

The LRC-AC is chaired by the Assistant Director of the LRC and consists of faculty members representing both degree and certificate programs, and two student representatives. The Dean of Academic Affairs shall serve as an ex officio member.

Members: Stephanie Santiful (chair), Melea Fields (ex officio), Eli Ryder, Cheryl Robinson, Marcus McNeil, Sam Brooks, Nickolas Shely (student member), and Kevin Flamenco (student member)