Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management

Credential Earned:  Bachelor of Arts

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management degree program prepares students for the workplace with a solid business foundation. This program is designed to prepare students in many business areas such as accounting, marketing, and conflict management. Students will also study the hospitality industry in areas including legal issues, cost control, revenue generation, along with operational and management practices used within hospitality management.  
This Hospitality Management degree program is designed to accommodate students with a wide range of experiences that allows you to work in a variety of business and hospitality settings including customer service, finance, operations, marketing, or project management. A Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management prepares students to compete for entry-level positions in the hospitality industry including but not limited to: Hotel and Restaurant Operations, Event Planner, Customer Service Representative, Retail Manager, Operations Manager, and Casino Operations.

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