Featured Pioneer
July 14, 2016

Travis Wilson, the owner of Perkies Coffee Haus, recently initiated a competition for the professional baking and pastry students at the University of Antelope Valley. The challenge was for each student to create a pastry and include the ingredient list, costs and preparation instructions, and if selected as the winner, that pastry would be prepared and sold at Perkies Coffee Haus locations in Palmdale and Lancaster, CA.

The winning selection was an English toffee cappuccino muffin created by Latrice Coleman, a senior, currently externing at Nadia Cakes in Palmdale, CA. Ms. Coleman noted her first baking selection was a cherry filled cinnamon roll with a lemon topping, but fortunately, she changed her recipe to the winning muffin.

Extremely proud her winning muffin will be featured at both Perkies’ locations, Ms. Coleman added, “Thank you Chef Gino Anaya for encouraging us to always take our time, test the product, make sure it is exactly what we want to accomplish.” Adding, “I have learned so much and after climbing the ranks I will one day own a bakery and dessert shop featuring pastries, candies, and ice cream.”

Ms. Coleman has a degree in criminal justice and acknowledges she is glad she listened to her mother who told her it was okay to follow her passion; consequently, she enrolled at UAV in the professional baking and pastry program. 

Travis Wilson, an extremely healthy and active young man, suddenly experienced severe health challenges he struggled to overcome. The Palmdale High graduate and former little league coach found himself in a battle that included three heart surgeries, liver and kidney failure, mass thyroid problems and complications related to his pacemaker.

“During my hospitalization, I knew at this point in my life, if all went well, I would become a better person,” stated Travis Wilson. “I saw a need in a horrible economy to get kids jobs and felt someone should do something about it; I wanted to be that sponsor for a team that would make someone proud.”

After contemplating the plight of high school and college students and their seemingly nonexistent part-time employment, Wilson, an elementary school teacher, began the trek to ownership of Perkies Coffee Haus, where he is more than an employer and works daily to challenge mentally, enlighten and educate the students. Wilson discusses business concepts including federal and state taxation and format a lot of his mentorship using the principals of Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

“You can probably get a similar product around town, maybe even in this parking lot, but when you spend your money in Perkies we use some of that money to give back to help develop the minds of the youth and the conditions in the community,” stated Travis Wilson.

Ms. Latrice Coleman thanks Mr. Wilson for this opportunity and hopes everyone enjoys her creation at Perkies Coffee Haus.