Featured Pioneer
Featured Pioneer
September 1, 2017

The Pioneer Spotlight Award is intended to recognize University of Antelope Valley students that exhibit a positive Pioneer attitude and demonstrate professionalism when interacting with faculty and peers, academic excellence and charitable or volunteerism efforts. UAV faculty, president, and dean of academic affairs is honored to present the September 2017 Pioneer Spotlight Award to Steve Ramirez. 

Steve Ramierz with Dr. Anthony Marks, UAV Criminal Justice Instructor. 

Course of Study 

Criminal Justice undergraduate who is pursuing a career as a firefighter, Ramirez points out, “College has enlightened me on life’s opportunities, helped me define career options and expanded my perspective on life. I view the world differently, and I attribute that to what I’ve learned in general education courses and the criminal justice program.” Ramirez continued, “I am fully committed to everything I set out to accomplish; I want to be proud of myself and never disappoint those who have supported me through this journey. My goals can be accomplished with hard work, determination and education.” 

Extracurricular Activities 

  • Assistant soccer coach at Palmdale High School 
  • Assistant facility manager at the PEC 
  • Volunteers at local community events including 
  • Caring for the Community and the Pioneers Youth Soccer Camps


Coaches, instructors, and coworkers have described Ramirez as dedicated, does more than asked, adapts quickly and easily, respectful and supportive. 

Ramirez pointed out some of this strength comes from family, and that he is the product of a supportive household and family, and is appreciative of his parents who worked hard to ensure their children could live the American Dream. Ramirez has three siblings, an aerospace engineer, nursing student and high school junior, all of whom are committed to working hard and giving back to their parents. 

About UAV 

I was working an unfulfilling part-time construction job when I received the call from Coach Cline to become a full-time student-athlete at UAV. I never envisioned myself here acquiring a bachelor’s degree, and now I am living the dream. 

I do not consider school a chore, I have received an excellent education from intelligent and caring professors, and I am excited every day to attend classes, learn something new, my world is expanding. 

I recognize the improvement in my interactions with other people, all related to new communication skills; my ability to reason and delve into issues beyond the surface and communicate my view intelligently and precisely are reasons I am grateful to be at UAV, and I plan to absorb as much as I can while working toward my goals. 

Your message to students 

Do not take this opportunity for education for granted. Purposely decide what you want to do and commit to that 100%. Apply yourself to the best of your ability. Success is there for you. 

Coach and Instructor Accolades 

UAV Soccer Coach Jarrod Cline recruited the former Taft College student-athlete to join the soccer program. 

He is a good kid, stated Coach Cline, who coached Ramirez four years of high school, “Steve has been a great asset to our men's soccer program. Not only has he been one of the hardest workers on our team as well as one of the most coachable, he is always one to step-up and volunteer for community events and does a great job representing UAV at these events.” Adding, “He is a local product out of Palmdale and has tons of pride in representing this university and team in all the things he does. He is a Pioneer that will go into the world and make a difference in all he does." 

Sean M. Lyons Athletic Eligibility/Compliance and General Education Instructor nominated Ramirez for the Pioneer Spotlight Award and explained, “Steve assisted coaches (from a student-athlete’s point-of-view) in establishing the men's soccer program. He leads by example both on and off the field and is on-track to graduate with his bachelor’s degree while remaining an exceptional student.” Lyons continued, “When Steve isn't in class or studying in the Pub, he is at the PEC conditioning for his upcoming senior season, followed by working at the PEC as assistant facility supervisor, and maintaining the university weight room. He is one of the most deserving students I could recommend for this award.”