Featured Pioneer
July 6, 2015

University of Antelope Valley paralegal student, mother of two, volunteer and litigation secretary new hire.

Polite, sophisticated, intelligent and driven are just a few adjectives that describe Keely Boisvert.

Boisvert aspires to be an attorney and says she has always realized this would be a long and difficult journey and she is resolved to stay the course, conquer roadblocks and complete her objectives one at a time.

Volunteering at the Los Angeles County Antelope Valley Courthouse with a pro bono legal team from Bet Tzedek, Boisvert assisted in servicing limited conservatorships for adults with varying degrees of physical and development disabilities.

Boisvert also made it a point to attend the monthly Antelope Valley Bar Association seminars, a continuing education ‘lunch and learn’ on varying topics per the guest speakers’ expertise. Dr. Cheryl Robinson, UAV paralegal professor, notified Boisvert that interest had been shown in her at the Parris Law Firm, and suggested Boisvert apply for an available litigation secretary position.

"Keely is an exceptional student, as well as a dedicated parent who like many manages to balance her responsibilities seamlessly as she consistently strengthens the classroom dynamic, a quality I will remember fondly," stated Dr. Cheryl Robinson. "Keely is a critical thinker who will be rewarded with success as she continues to work diligently toward her professional goals in the legal field; she will be greatly missed and it was a pleasure to have been one of her professors and to serve as a mentor."

Amy Tidball, UAV career services coordinator, assisted Boisvert with her résumé, cover letter and mock interviews

as she prepared to apply. She recalls the next few weeks consisted of five interviews and an ability assessment exam. “Before anything else, preparation is the key,” stated Boisvert. “I have worked hard and tried to do my best while at UAV, I had a great professor and staff support, and I was hopeful for an employment offer.”

Grateful for her employment as a litigation secretary, Boisvert described a typical day as administrative duties that may include drafting motions or filing subpoenas; a definite learning curve, but she is committed to performing beyond her best everyday and making sure the firm never gives a second thought to having hired her.

Boisvert stated unequivocally, to speak about me you must mention my hero, my mom.

  • The 12th woman in the state of Oregon to have a unionized journeyman’s electrician license;
  • Selected to represent the union’s cause at a Washington, D.C. conference;
  • Worked 70-80 hours weekly and a member of the Gervis, Oregon city council;
  • Founded a local festival in Gervis;
  • Never missed a PTA meeting;
  • Dauntless, a hard worker, and my inspiration, whose mantra is “There was never a reason I could not.”

Boisvert’s mother is a resident of Lancaster and is employed as a project engineer at a local firm and after school childcare provider to her two grandchildren.

“My education has become more than initially planned, I needed a job and thought, I‘ll get a degree and then get a job. This journey is beyond my wildest anticipation of what I envisioned and has become the pivotal point in my future decisions. My perspective has changed — when entering UAV I had no idea my professor would become such a huge part of my journey and that I could land where I have. I am by no means finished; I will continue my education as I work toward attending law school,” stated Boisvert

Boisvert ended saying she thanks UAV professor, Dr. Cheryl Robinson, for teaching her classes beyond the course learning outcomes of the program, for changing how the classes view the world and especially for convincing her students that it is never too late to continue your education and achieve your life’s goals.