Featured Pioneer
Vocational Nursing Student
May 26, 2017

June 1, 2017

The Pioneer Spotlight Award recognizes University of Antelope Valley students that exhibit a positive Pioneer attitude and demonstrate professionalism when interacting with faculty and peers, academic excellence and charitable or volunteerism efforts.  UAV faculty, president and dean of academic affairs are honored to present the June 2017 Pioneer Spotlight Award to Sukhraj Khosa.

Course of Study

Vocational Nursing student, Sukhraj Khosa, an enthusiast of the sciences and math, found nursing was her niche, something she had actually known since middle school.  Following the advice of her father, she entered a nursing program and completed her nursing prerequisites at Taft and Bakersfield Community Colleges, and transferred to the University of Antelope Valley where she successfully completed Terms 1-3 and is at the end of Term 4 and preparing for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).   

“The puzzle that is the human body started to come together and I have become quite fascinated with the field of medicine,” stated Khosa

Khosa, a dedicated student who has worked to maintain a 4.0 GPA, an accomplishment she plans to maintain as she enters a BSN program within the next five years.  Commendably, her longer-term goal is sitting for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and entering medical school. 

Extracurricular Activities

Class President
Vocational Nursing Graduation Committee

Khosa speaks several languages (Hindi, Punjabi and English and is learning Korean and Spanish) and enjoys reading anything that teaches her something new, especially psychology related material.


A vision that includes working hard with the determination required to reach goals and learn something new every day, Sukhraj Khosa added, “I   am a native of India who immigrated to the US with my family in 2009, and earned a Pharmacy Technician degree in Bakersfield, California before enrolling at UAV.”  “My daily commute is 164 miles roundtrip from Bakersfield to Lancaster to attend nursing classes and clinicals at Antelope Valley Hospital; I am determined to succeed and make the best of this educational opportunity.”  

Khosa’s strengths are demonstrated through her exceptional work ethic, volunteering and working in several capacities at UAV, AV Hospital and as class president while maintaining a perfect GPA. 

About UAV

Excellent and caring nursing instructors with special deference to Nurse/Instructor Tammilyn Adams, who encouraged Khosa and offered words of encouragement and motivation, “You can do more, remember, as a student of nursing you can always learn more, you should, and are expected to continually increase your knowledge base.” 

Sukhraj Khosa’s message to students

Do your best, plan to accomplish 100%, talk to your instructors, ask questions, and I promise you will learn something new every time.  Look for the positive in every situation and remember acclimation to student life and education are what prepare us for the rest of our lives.