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 Graham, M.A.
Graham, M.A.
February 3, 2017

Bennie Graham, Master of Education

By Professor Anthony Marks, UAV Criminal Justices

LANCASTER, Calif. – Bennie Graham, M.A. is a graduate of the University of Antelope Valley and one of my exceptional student’s in the Criminal Justice Program. During my time as Bennie’s instructor, I witnessed her desire for knowledge and her increased competencies grow at an extraordinary pace; her ability to adapt to new situations with confidence and poise was faultless. 

Since meeting Bennie, I have come to know her as a hard worker, who sets extremely high standards for herself. Her willingness to learn and master new ideas has motivated her peers to strive also for greatness. Overtime, I have seen Bennie grow, mature and develop as a student and a person. Bennie is a natural leader and team player as made evident by her involvement with the University’s student council and her willingness and enthusiasm to assist new students with orientation and “settling in,” Bennie constantly leads her peers by example. 

She continuously seeks out new opportunities for personal, academic and professional growth and accepts any challenge with enthusiasm and determination. I have observed Bennie in stressful situations, e.g., being asked to make a class presentation with little preparation, and she has always performed exceptionally well under these circumstances and continues to set the bar high for other students placed in similar situations.

Although Bennie is very successful in her academic endeavors, her success does not negatively affect her personality; she is a humble individual who lets her work speak for her and she values character, integrity and a diligent work ethic. 

In summary, Bennie Graham will be an asset to any organization or academic institution she chooses. Supervisors and peers alike will surely appreciate her knowledge, leadership ability, attention to detail, caring and compassionate demeanor, as well as her strong work ethic. Bennie is a quality individual with a unique ability to motivate and inspire; she is an all-around impressive person.