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UAV Baseball
February 16, 2016

The room fell silent, and the shock was palpable when University of Antelope Valley Head Coach Jacob Garsez, announced to his 38-member baseball team his wife, Jennifer, was battling cancer.

While undergoing radical treatment, Jennifer suffered one of the known side effects and eventually lost her beautiful hair.  The team noticed, and it seems the decision was made instantly.  We are here for you, is the message they wanted to send to Mrs. Garsez, and they would show their love and solidarity by shaving their heads.

 “Jennifer supports us and is our number one fan, and we want her to know we will do anything we can to help, and hopefully shaving our heads will let her know we are serious, and we want always to support our coach and more than ever, Jennifer,” said #42 Derrick Ruiz.

The reveal was made at a UAV baseball team fundraiser; because they knew, of course, their number one fan would attend.  Jennifer noticed one-by-one players had shaved heads, after realizing it was all for her, this beautiful, courageous fifth-grade teacher was brought to tears. 

You may send your thoughts of encouragement and well wishes to the Garsez family by clicking here or [email protected]