Featured Pioneer
September 14, 2015

Course of Study

Criminal justice undergraduate that has demonstrated the professionalism, leadership, maturity and initiative (self-imposed) as necessary to achieve success and accomplish all the must-haves and dreams in her life. She describes her ultimate goal as employment with the FBI as a forensic specialist in DNA; she is however very descriptive and forthcoming as she lays out her goals and her plan of attack. Fletcher began by saying her criminal justice degree will allow her to fulfill her passion of working with at-risk youth in a guidance position of assisting them in overcoming obstacles and hardships while working to inspire them to follow a dream of education.

Extracurricular activities
Student Council treasurer
Event Committee chairperson
Ms. Fletcher described why she ran and how important these positions are in enhancing her business acumen. “I knew as a member of the student council I would be an effective student liaison while advancing my organizational and leadership skills, the bonus is I am learning from faculty and staff while working together from conception to completion of events, most recently the AV Fair parade where UAV was awarded second prize overall for floats under 30 feet.” Fletcher is also an assistant in the Pioneers Pub.

Hard work and determination are my strengths said Fletcher, “I work really hard, but I know I will never reach perfection, none of us will, so I’ve decided to try to excel in the things I do well, work on improving and enhancing those skills — I want to look back, examine my contributions and determine I made a difference.” She added, “If you write an article about me receiving the Spotlight Award, please mention the person that gives me strength each day the person I would and could not exist without, my mom Deanna.”

About UAV
Excellent education and experience, intelligent and caring professors, small environment, Fletcher added, “ I was recently very ill and may have made matters worse worrying about assignments; Professor Kristal Andersen came to my rescue with assignments, inquiries about my health, and needed inspirations conversations, she was an angel.” Adding, “This wouldn’t have happened at a huge university, if students need to speak to the dean of academics or Mr. Ramirez, if tutoring is needed, everyone is always available within hours.”

Your message to students
Believe in yourself and never give up, I remind myself daily, “Life is hard but never give up.” No matter how hard things appear today, keep working hard and keep believing in yourself and your circumstances will get better and better. And while on your journey, if you can change one person’s life for the better, you have succeeded.”