Career Services

The goal of career services… 
To provide UAV graduates the tools and opportunities needed to enhance career development though self-knowledge, understanding of the professional workforce, hone job search skills and practical employment decision-making.
To encourage, support and motivate graduates to succeed and to desire success in their chosen career field. 
To form professional relationships within the community that will support the endeavors of our graduates.

UAV Career Services

UAV offers job placement services to all eligible graduates. An eligible graduate is any student who has successfully completed all graduation requirements as stated in the "Graduation Requirements" section of this catalog. Many students desire to obtain employment on their own. The university supports and encourages this effort and will provide techniques for seeking and securing employment. Students are responsible for advising the university of their employment information.

The Job Placement Department will assist students in their job search. These services include assistance with resume writing, interviewing, identifying job openings, mock interviews, and other job search activities. It should be understood that job placement services offered by the university are not an obligation or guarantee of employment. If a student fails to attend a job interview arranged by the Job Placement Department, the service may no longer be available to that student.

Continuous placement services are available to all eligible graduates.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm




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Karyn Frahm photo
Karyn Frahm
Director Career Services
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Mireille Floruti
Career Services Coordinator