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UAV Criminal Justice Instructor Shares "3 Steps to Success" with Middle Schoolers
News Release - Wed, Jun. 14, 2017

By Stephanie Santiful

For children, the path to success begins with three steps. Thanks to UAV's lead criminal justice instructor, Larry Wolf, several middle school children in the AV are ahead of the game.  

On May 12th, Wolf spoke to seven classes for Career Day. He presented students with what he calls the "3 Steps to Staying Out of Trouble." Wolf's presentation serves as a guide for all students, but especially for those interested in criminal justice. "When I speak, I always include the three steps to staying out of trouble because that's the number one prerequisite to getting a job in criminal justice," Wolf states. 

Though Wolf's speech was geared toward middle school students, students of all ages can benefit from it, and can easily apply the steps to their own lives. 

So what are the three steps? 

Step 1: Learn to Sit Limits for Yourself
"If you can set limits for yourself, you can get your parents, teachers, and the police off your back because you'll be showing some responsibility," Wolf says. 

Step 2: Find Your Niche
"Find that one thing in your life that you're good at, that you like, and that's positive that you can spend time on and build your life around." He suggests that this niche could be a number of things as long as it isn't something negative. 

Step 3: Live for Something Bigger than Yourself
"Every person that has made a difference in the world generally has a cause bigger than themselves, and if you can focus on your great cause, most likely you're going to be successful in your life," Wolf declares. 

As with the many steps available to bettering one's self, the first step is always the most difficult, but the journey and the destination are definitely worth it.