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UAV Students Pamper Educators with Free Massages for Teacher Appreciation Week
News Release - Wed, May 10, 2017

PALMDALE, Calif. -- It's Teacher Appreciation Week over at Highland High School and some local college students are stepping in to pamper educators by giving them free massages.

Students such as Certified Massage Therapist Kevin Hart, from the University of Antelope Valley's Massage Therapy program, relieved tension from teachers' shoulders and backs Monday.

"It's really relaxing. It helps them just to kind of get re-energized and refocused on doing what they're doing because it's such a stressful environment being in some of the positions that I've seen them in," said Hart.

Hart says the free service also give exposure to UAV's program.

Students have given massages at local events like the Poppy Festival and plan to head over to Antelope Valley College next.

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